The Party Shop



(RM 1.) Tutu skirts for kiddies chairs with polka dot bows R25ea

(RM 2.) Minnie mouse backdrop banner, with pipes (ready to hang) R250

(RM 3) Square overlays, red with white polka dots R15ea

(RM 4) Table runners, black with white polka dots R15ea

(RM 5) Tutu red skirt for round tables with cutout Minnie character to go on the top of the table R250

(RM 6) Minnie cutout, standup, 1 metre R50ea

(RM 7) Minnie apron's R20ea

(RM 8) Minnie baskets R30ea

(RM 9) Minnie candy holders R20ea

(RM 10) Mini metal buckets R15ea

(RM 11) Minnie cupcake stand with tutu skirt R70ea

(RM 12) Minnie mannequin R150

(RM 13) Minnie metal basin R50

(RM 14) Minnie gift box prop R30

(RM 15) Minnie flag banner R15

(RM 16) Minnie centre piece (3pc) with number for age in a metal bucket R50

(RM 17) Red tutu for tressel, main table R150

(RM 18) Minnie head holders for skewers or lollipops R30

(RM 19 ) Minnie lolipop holders with Minnie head prop R40

(RM 20) Minnie stand up prop made with balloons R350

(RM 21) 10x assorted glass candy jars R350


(SS 1) - Red tutu skirts with green leaves covers for Kiddies chairs R50ea

(SS2) - Strawberry shortcake mannequin R200

(SS3)- Ribbon trees R40ea

(SS4) - strawberry shortcake felt bags R50ea

(SS5)- Strawberry shortcake birthday banner with pipes, ready to hang R250

(SS6)- strawberry shortcake fabric frames R50

(SS7) strawberry shortcake felt centre piece in metal bucket R50

(SS8) 2metres strawberry felt banners R20ea

(SS9) strawberry shortcake banner R15ea

(SS10) Strawberry shortcake 1 metre stand up prop R50ea

(SS11) Strawberry shortcake centre piece R50

(SS12) 10 assorted glass candy jars R350

(SS13) Plain Mini metal buckets R5ea

(SS14) Strawberry shortcake paper fans R15ea

(SS15) Thank u berry much frames R15ea


(MO 1) Moana backdrop with pipes, ready to hang R250

(MO 2) Colour lantern R10ea

(MO 3) 1metre stand up prop R70

(MO 4) Moana standup prop R50

(MO 5) Fern bunch R10

(MO 6) umbrella trees R30ea

(MO 7) palmtree centre piece with sunglasses R30

(MO 8) Basin with straw skirt R60

(MO 9) juice dispenser with lei R120

(MO 10) Metal bucket assorted colours R10ea

(MO 11) Tiki prop R50

(MO 12) coconut centre piece R50ea

(MO 13) cake stand with straw skirt R50

(MO 14) Balloon palmtree R350

(MO 15) Balloon pineapple R250

(MO 16) Moana centre piece R70

(MO 17) balloon with palm leaves R100

(MO 18) floral overlays R20

(MO 19) cupcake stands R100

(MO 20) cupcake stands R70

(MO 21) Table skirt R60

(MO 22) Birthday numbers R50

(MO 23) Tiki stands R150ea

(MO 24) Surfboard props R60ea

(MO 25) Flower alphabets R50

(MO 26) prop R50